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Spotlight On The Country Music Cruise 2016
Story & Photos by Glenda S. Paradee

This years Country Music Cruise 2016 was spectacular.  It was held January 16 - 23, 2016 on the Holland America's m/s Westerdam.

It started off in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and visited Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and then returned to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
This cruise is surely a country music fans dream cruise!

Day One:
We set sail and started off the cruise with a Sail-Away Party with some great music from Shenandoah, and was hosted by Lorianne Crook.
During the day, Deborah Allen hosted a Backstage Pass Live Interview with The Bellamy Brothers.
The Oakridge Boys played in the main showroom this evening.  They put on two fantastic shows.
Also Johnny Lee and the Quebe Sisters put on fantastic shows throughout the night.
More music all night long with T. Graham Brown, Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys, and nightly, the Elvis Tribute Artists.
Nightly The Piano Bar Entertainment was with Jimmy Maddox.

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Day Two:
Johnny Lee got our toes tapping at the Lido Pool. 
The legendary University of Oaklahoma and Dallas Cowboys former coach Barry Switzer put on a talk called Coach's Corner which was hosted by Jason Venner.
Starmaker - Stories behind the Stardom Q&A was hosted by Lorianne Crook & Jim Halsey.
Deborah Allen hosted another Backstage Pass Live Interview with The Oak Ridge Boys.
This nights entertainment in the main showroom was B.J. Thomas.  That man can sing! He performed two great shows.
Throughout the evening, there was fantastic entertainment by Shenandoah, Wade Hayes, the Quebe Sisters, and Tiffany Dowhan.

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Day Three:
The day started off with the Gospel Hour featuring The Oak Ridge Boys & Friends.  It was wonderful.
At the Lido Poolside there was a Country Music Cruise T-Shirt Party with Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys.
There was a special Guitars In the Round with Wade Hayes and friends.
A special autograph Session was held with the Oak Ridge Boys, B.J. Thomas, Johnny Lee & T. Graham Brown.
There was a Country Faith Seminar with Shenandoah, Hosted by Deborah Evans Price.
Also, there was a Songwriting Seminar with Jamie O'Neal & Deborah Allen. Hosted by Lorraine Crook.
The Quebe Sisters performed poolside.
Deborah Allen hosted a All Access Pass Live TV Interview with B.J. Thomas.
This evening main showroom entertainment was with The Bellamy Brothers.  Those guys still got what it takes.  The put on two great shows.
Other entertainment in the evening was with Deborah Allen, Tiffany Dowan, Jamie O'Nial, the Quebe Sisters, and a Deck Party with Riders in the Sky.

CountryMusicCruise_2016 332.JPG (597712 bytes) CountryMusicCruise_2016 344.JPG (176637 bytes) CountryMusicCruise_2016 352.JPG (249016 bytes) CountryMusicCruise_2016 363.JPG (321000 bytes)
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CountryMusicCruise_2016 538.JPG (429527 bytes) CountryMusicCruise_2016 549.JPG (654287 bytes)

Day Four:
The Westerdam arrived in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  A fun time was had by all in Jamaica.
Back on board, the B.B. King All Star Band played poolside.
Lorianne Crook hosted a All Access Pass Live TV Interview with Kenny Rogers.
This evening the main showroom entertainment was with Kenny Rogers.  He put on two fantastic shows.
They had a fun Red, White & Blue BBQ Under the Stars by the pool.
More entertainment throughout the evening was with Riders in the Sky, Shenandoah, and a fun jam session.

CountryMusicCruise2_2016 002.JPG (360155 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 005.JPG (299408 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 008.JPG (281924 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 010.JPG (280610 bytes)
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Day Five:
The day started off with Elvis in Hawaii Luau with the Elvis Tribute Artists and Blue Suede Review.
Then there was a special Grand Ole Opry show at sea: Featuring Riders in the Sky, T. Graham Brown, Wade Hayes, Chuck Mead & the Quebe Sisters.
It was such a wonderful show.
The Quebe Sisters then performed again at poolside.
A fun time was had during the Cooking Show with The Bellamy Brothers hosted by Lorianne Crook.  They made some yummy 'hot' soup.
There was another autograph session with Shenandoah, Wade Hayes, Chuck Mead & Tiffany Dowhan.
Later in the afternoon, Jamie O'Neal hosted a Wine Tasting.
Kathy Mattea held a very special meet & greet with her fan club members.
Then tonights main showroom entertainment was with Randy Owen.  He really put on two great shows.
Later in the evening, T. Graham Brown, Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys, Wade Hayes, and Deborah Allen, all put on some more great concerts.

CountryMusicCruise2_2016 214.JPG (261249 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 220.JPG (306233 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 234.JPG (217999 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 246.JPG (249907 bytes)
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CountryMusicCruise2_2016 523.JPG (354255 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 534.JPG (290672 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 538.JPG (252973 bytes)

Day Six:
Today The Westerdam anchored in Grand Cayman.  It was a wonderful place to visit.
Back on board, Kathy Mattea's band, which also included Jon Vezner, performed a jam sesson.  Kathy Mattea joined in on a few songs.  It was so awesome.
Then there was a Sail Away Party with The Bellamy Brothers.
Then Deborah Allen hosted a All Access Pass Live TV Interview with Kathy Mattea.  It is so wonderful to hear the stories of how the artists started.  Deborah Allen really knows how to get the artists to open up with some great stories.
This night was formal night and it was fun to get all dressed up.
I attended a special dinner with my friends Kirt Webster from Webster Public Relations and Associates, Jeremy Westby, Scott Adkins, Derrek Kupish, Mike Jason from Time Life, and also Deborah Evans Price and her husband Gary. 
Thanks guys it was great!
This evening, the main showroom entertainment was with Bobby Bare.  It was sure great to hear this man sing again. He put on two terrific shows.
More entertainment this evening was with Jamie O'Neal, Tiffany Dowhan, Riders in the Sky and a fun Pool Deck Party with T. Graham Brown.

CountryMusicCruise2_2016 551.JPG (545287 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 553.JPG (557700 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 596.JPG (448166 bytes) CountryMusicCruise2_2016 623.JPG (362271 bytes)
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Day Seven:
Well today was the last day on board.  It started off with Gospel Hour with the Elvis Tribute Artists.  They were all so great every night.
Deborah Evans Price then held a Country Faith Seminar with the Bellamy Brothers.
Tiffany Dowhan performed poolside.
Deborah Evans Price held a special Book Signing.
Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys performed poolside.
Then another autograph session was held with Riders in the Sky, The Bellamy Brothers, and Deborah Allen.
A fun time was had at the Family Feud Game show with team leaders Johnny Lee and T. Graham Brown.
A Women's Only Seminar with Jamie O'Neil, the Quebe Sisters, hosted by Lorianne Crook.
Deborah Allen held another All Access Pass Live TV Interview with Bobby Bare.  It was fun to hear all his fishing stories!
The main showroom entertainment this evening was with Kathy Mattea.  She put on two awesome shows.  I love her music.
There was more music in the evening with Wade Hayes, Jamie O'Neal, Johnny Lee, and Tiffany Dowhan.
The All Elvis Hits with the Elvis Tribute Artists & Blue Suede Review put on another great show.

CountryMusicCruise3_2016 003.JPG (485397 bytes) CountryMusicCruise3_2016 016.JPG (275365 bytes) CountryMusicCruise3_2016 021.JPG (527221 bytes) CountryMusicCruise3_2016 032.JPG (245935 bytes)
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CountryMusicCruise3_2016 259.JPG (390745 bytes) CountryMusicCruise3_2016 295.JPG (445500 bytes)

Next years Country Music Cruise 2017 is already on sale.  It will sell out, so get your tickets now at
2017 cruise will have entertainers: Vince Gill, Charley Pride, The Oak Ridge Boys, Brenda Lee, Lee Greenwood, Tanya Tucker, Moe Bandy, Joe Stampley, Dailey Vincent, Jimmy Fortune, Wade Hayes, Jo-El Sonnier, Sylvia, Chuck Mead, Lorianne Crook and the Grand Ole Opry at Sea.

A Very Special Performance Event.

Thanks For The Music!

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