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Academy of Country Music Awards Program

The founding members of the Academy of Country Music were first and foremost fans of the music they proposed to promote. It was their love for the music and its people that moved them to establish the Academy in 1964. More than thirty years later, their motivation continues to drive the thousands of members of the organization to promote country music to all corners of the world, and in doing so to make it one of the most popular forms of music to listen to, buy and perform.

In its early years, the Academy sought not only to interest the general public in the appeal of the music, but to demonstrate to other industries the value of using country music in their advertising, and its celebrities as spokespersons for their products.

Inside the industry itself, the Academy worked hard to educate and inform both the performers and the business people about what was going on within the trade. Panel discussions kept members abreast of changes in legislation that might affect their business; guest speakers at luncheons made members aware of new opportunities for the music in radio, television, motion pictures or touring.

In addition to addressing the business of country music, the Academy worked to help newcomers become better known to their peers and the general public. Showcases featuring new talent introduced these performers to others within the industry as well as to the media.

Publication of the monthly newsletter, Country Focus, keeps members abreast of personnel changes in the industry, news on up-and-coming acts, information about the industry in general and the Academy specifically.

The Academy continues these great traditions. Its involvement in the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville has kept the association at the forefront of what is going on in country radio today. Additionally, through its involvement with sponsoring the Super Faces Show and New Artists showcases, the Academy is continually connected to the heart of the music -- the men and women who perform it. What better way to say thank you to country radio than to present concerts by Brooks & Dunn, Hank Williams, Jr., The Judds, Alabama, George Strait, Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire?

Research has always been a mainstay of the Academy. The recent "What's This Country All About?" in an overview of country music and its status in the business world today, further educated people about country music's viability in today's marketplace.

While the Academy has had continuous support from its members as well as the community around it, it also understood that one of its obligations is to give support in return. In 1983 the Academy began sponsoring the Celebrity Golf Classic, which was a wonderful opportunity for the members of Los Angeles business community to mix and mingle with business leaders within the country music industry as well as its celebrities. Since its beginning, the Golf Classic has raised monies for charities which include the American Heart Association, M. D. Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas, the T. J. Martell Foundation/Neil Bogart Memorial Laboratory for cancer, leukemia and AIDS research, the Shriners Children's Hospital and AMFAR.

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