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Spotlight On Fan Fair Week in Nashville, TN with Kathy Mattea, R.O.P.E., & Marty Stuart
Photos by Glenda S. Paradee

Fan Fair week was in Nashville, TN June 6-12, 2011.  The CMA Music Fest was held June 9-12th.

Kathy Mattea:

On June 8, 2011, Kathy Mattea held her annual Fan Club party (the Blunch) at the Station Inn in Nashville, TN.

Mattea gave her "My Coal Journey" speech during the event, a one-hour program incorporating stories from her family history and her current advocacy for the environment combined with a slideshow and a performance of songs from Coal. The presentation traces her motivation for beginning the recording project, her research into the musical genre's history and elemental style, and her family's ties to coal mining culture in Appalachia, along with discussion of environmental and social justice issues surrounding coal mining methods in today's world. 

Visit Kathy Mattea's "My Coal Journey" Tribute Page - Kathy Mattea, environmental and social activism, "My Coal Journey" presentation archive, coal, mountaintop removal. 

Also during the fan club party, Mattea sang songs from her current CD titled "Coal" and also a song from her new upcoming CD too.  The fan club presented Mattea with a special book with stories about what Mattea's music and friendship means to them.  Mattea spent a few hours meeting with the fans for special one on one time with autographs, photos and hugs.  
Please visit Kathy's website:

DSC00135.JPG (34426 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00140.JPG (36961 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00148.JPG (32250 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00149.JPG (50306 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00153.JPG (39508 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00160.JPG (36044 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00169.JPG (39223 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00182.JPG (42522 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00175.JPG (49389 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00176.JPG (47636 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00178.JPG (44381 bytes)
Kathy Mattea
DSC00184.JPG (37601 bytes)
Glenda S. Paradee & Kathy Mattea

R.O.P. E. Summer Spectacular Reunion of Country Duets:

June 8, 2011 the R.O.P.E Summer Spectacular Reunion of Country Duets event was held at the Al Menah Shrine Temple in Nashville, TN. 

Performers were Bill Anderson & Jan Howard, Jim Ed Brown & helen Cornelious, Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely, David Frizzell & Shelly West, Harold Hawkins, Jr., Leona Williams, Chuck Hancock, Nathan Osmond and Bobby G. Rice.

What is R.O.P.E.?  "Mr Webster tells us that a 'rope' is a thick, strong cord made of several strands twisted together."
To us music folks it is a good, strong group of folks in the entertainment industry that are joined together in an organization that keeps them united in fellowship, camaraderie and making it a 'rope' of great folks.  R.O.P.E. (which stands for the Reunion of professional Entertainers) began one evening in May of 1983 when forty-three folks in the music industry got together to discuss the idea of having such and organization.  To find out more about R.O.P.E. or to become a member contact them at P.O. Box 2048, Madison, TN  37116-2048.  Call them at: (615) 860-9257.  There website is at

DSC00215.JPG (36402 bytes)
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelious
DSC00197.JPG (40657 bytes)
Bill Anderson & Jan Howard
DSC00203.JPG (35153 bytes)
Bill Anderson & Jan Howard
DSC00217.JPG (34878 bytes)
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelious
DSC00206.JPG (56692 bytes)
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelious
DSC00205.JPG (54336 bytes)
Bill Anderson & Jan Howard
DSC00236.JPG (57069 bytes)
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely
DSC00221.JPG (57341 bytes)
David Frizzell & Shelly West
DSC00264.JPG (26980 bytes)
Nathan Osmond
DSC00223.JPG (46259 bytes)
David Frizzell & Shelly West
DSC00229.JPG (41712 bytes)
David Frizzell & Shelly West
DSC00255.JPG (41153 bytes)
Leona Williams
DSC00237.JPG (44208 bytes)
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely
DSC00251.JPG (45000 bytes)
Jack Greene & Jeannie Seely

DSC00219.JPG (24343 bytes)
Jeannie C. Riley (Harper Valley PTA)

Marty Stuart Late Night Jam:


On June 8, 2011, Country Music icon Marty Stuart sold-out the Ryman Auditorium with his annual LATE NIGHT JAM, raising more than $30,000 for MusiCares, with a portion also going to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.  Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives were joined by country music icons Dolly Parton, Mel Tillis and Connie Smith, along with The Quebe Sisters Band, Doug Kershaw and surprise guests Ricky Skaggs and Duane Eddy. 

About MusiCares:

Established in 1989 by The Recording Academy, MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares' services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community. For more information, please visit

For more information, visit

DSC00273.JPG (46718 bytes)
Marty Stuart Late Night Jam
DSC00307.JPG (59352 bytes)
Marty Stuart and the
Fabulous Superlatives
DSC00282.JPG (49978 bytes)
Marty Stuart
DSC00309.JPG (53123 bytes)
Paul Martin & daughter singing
Somewhere 'Over The Rainbow'
DSC00311.JPG (57173 bytes)
The Quebe Sisters Band
DSC00336.JPG (45426 bytes)
Dolly Parton
DSC00319.JPG (49787 bytes)
Dolly Parton
DSC00325.JPG (48828 bytes)
Dolly Parton
DSC00345.JPG (53495 bytes)
Marty Stuart & Dolly Parton
DSC00373.JPG (55473 bytes)
Marty Stuart & Dolly Parton
DSC00354.JPG (50358 bytes)
Marty Stuart & Dolly Parton
DSC00362.JPG (54827 bytes)
Marty Stuart & Dolly Parton
DSC00380.JPG (59035 bytes)
Marty Stuart Late Night Jam
DSC00384.JPG (42915 bytes)
Ricky Skaggs
DSC00390.JPG (56979 bytes)
Ricky Skaggs
DSC00396.JPG (57559 bytes)
Doug Kershaw

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