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Spotlight On The 2014 Craven Country Jamboree
Photos and story by Glen Forrester

2014 Craven Country Jamboree in Saskatchewan, Canada was sold out this year. Williams and Ree (Bruce Williams and Terry Ree) hosted the festival for years and years to come. They are a great act and hosts of the Craven Country Jamboree.                                                  

They kicked off the main stage on Friday July 13 at 2:00 pm with Chris Henderson, a upcoming star from a farming community in Estevan, Saskatchewan. At 4:00 pm Jess Moskaluke a sweet girl from Saskatchewan. In October 2013 she reach the top 20 on the Country Billboard Chart for her song, Good Lovin', what a great song she has there. 5:30 pm came around fast and George Canyon stormed on the  stage. He is another Canadian on stage with a lot of awards to show his mark in the country music scene. A few Juno's, East Coast Music Awards and Canadian Country Music Awards. Thomas Rhett came on at 7:00 pm. He is son of Rhett Akins and a singer and song writer which makes him on the top of his game. To end the great day Luke Bryan came on at 9:00 pm. He knows how to entertain and sing, what an awesome performer. Luke has won many awards and also hosts with Blake Shelton on The Academy Of Country Music Awards.

Saturday July 12, Tim Hicks started the day at 2:30 pm another Canadian singer. He has two Juno's nominations under his belt and a lots of fans pushing him to the top of the music chain. 5:30 pm came and Charlie Daniels Band started to sing, a guy from North Carolina and he has a unique sound that no other bands has. Joe Nichols came on at 7:30 pm and blew the people away with Sunny and 75. Also he has a lot of old songs that he sang the crowd and they loved the whole concert. 9:00 pm rolled in and Dierks Bentley went on stage. Dierks has eight number one singles and written every one of them. He also sang for the President at The White House, what a great song writer and singer he is.

The last day of the festival Nitty Gritty Dirt Band started at 3:00 pm. They been together for all most fifty years, that is a long time to stay together. The fans favorite two songs are Fichin' In The Dark and Mr. Bojangles. These two song would be both their signatures songs in my eyes. Gord Bamford a great Canadian guy started at 4:30 pm. Gord likes to stay rooted in the country music and don't drift off course to much, which he doesn't. Brett Eldredge the second act of the day which is 6:00 pm. A boy from Illinois and big dream is doing very well for himself. To end the festival on Sunday July 13 is Keith Urban. Keith has fourteen number one hits, including twenty eight top five hits which means he is doing something right. He has been an American Idol as a judge for a few years on Fox and he makes that show what it is today. Keith puts on a great performance for the festival and I think it was the best act the whole week end.

Glen Forrester would like to thank the staff at the Craven Country Jamboree for making this article and pictures possible.

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Thanks For The Music to all the stars of the 2014 Craven Country Jamboree!

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